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Iran Becomes Member of Int’l Apparel Federation

Iran Becomes Member of Int’l Apparel FederationIran Becomes Member of Int’l Apparel Federation

Iran has become a member of the International Apparel Federation, the president of IAF announced during a visit to Tehran.

“Different brands and companies from around the world share their experiences with their counterparts in annual IAF meetings and in this way work for the advancement of apparel production and trade,” Rahul Mehta said in a meeting with Abolqasem Shirazi, the head of Tehran’s Apparel Manufacturers and Retailers Union, on Wednesday, IRNA reported.

According to the Iranian official, having access to the most recent technology, becoming familiar with the latest fashions, taking part in international exhibitions and creating brands are among the advantages of being an IAF member.

Some 60 countries are members of IAF and their combined business turnover amounts to $500 billion annually. The federation aims at the betterment of business practices, advancement of related technology and growth of apparel trade worldwide.