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Dutch Deal for Building Greenhouses in Iran

Dutch Deal for Building Greenhouses in IranDutch Deal for Building Greenhouses in Iran

Aad Verbakel, founder of Dutch agricultural firm VB Group, has signed a preliminary deal to build a 20-hectare greenhouse in Iran.

“This large-scale modern greenhouse complex, which will meet the need for local food and flower production, will be realized by VB Greenhouse Projects,” the Dutch firm reported on its website.

The greenhouse construction division of VB Group was active in Iran with several greenhouse projects until sanctions were imposed against Iran over its nuclear program.

The contract was signed during the visit of a delegation of 45 Dutch companies led by Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp to Iran.

“We have signed a pre-contract for phase one to deliver a 20-hectare greenhouse completely executed with modern Dutch greenhouse technology. The project is designed to expand to 80 hectares. High-end glass greenhouses and systems will be supplied to grow vegetables, flowers, strawberries. Also, a greenhouse to grow young plants and plugs is included in this order,” said Verbakel.

However, he noted that before the project can commence, additional assistance of Dutch banks is needed.

“This contract stipulates that Dutch banks will accept direct payments from Iran.”

While in Iran, the Dutch economy minister met with Iran’s Agricultural Jihad Minister Mahmoud Hojjati.

“The Netherlands is looking for long-term cooperation in the field of agriculture. We are willing to collaborate in the cultivation, processing and later on, exports of Iranian fruit. The country has great potential for floriculture, hence the two sides can expand cooperation in the production and processing of flowers as well,” Kamp said during the meeting.

In fact, Iran has already been working with Dutch companies to construct two other greenhouses, one in western Lorestan Province and the other in Aras Free Trade Zone in the northwestern province of East Azarbaijan.

According to IRNA, an agreement has been signed with Moscow to export the crops produced in these greenhouses to Russia as of January 2017.