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2 Banks to Help Manufactures, Exports

2 Banks to Help Manufactures, Exports2 Banks to Help Manufactures, Exports

Parsian Bank and Post Bank have teamed up to improve their services for promoting domestic production, exports and scientific ventures.

 A cooperation agreement was signed between the two lenders at Post Bank central office in Tehran on Monday. Post Bank is affiliated with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Parsian is one of the country’s largest private lenders.    

“Helping small and medium-sized production units, scientific programs,  exports and completing unfinished national projects are four main issues highlighted by the Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, which are to be followed through the collaboration of the two banks,” the CEO of Parsian Bank was quoted as saying by

Kourosh Parvizian emphasized that the partnership between Parsian, as one of Iran’s major private banks, and Post Bank, with its capability to provide services in remote areas, will pave way for the two lenders to augment their services.

“By providing appropriate facilities to customers during the sanctions period, the banking network managed to cope with the aftermath of the international sanctions. However, the harm done by the sanctions to the banking system can be checked by fostering collaboration and synergy between banks,” he said.

Pointing to the areas of collaboration between Post Bank and Parsian, he said, “Financing the SMEs that do not need a great amount of cash infusion to operate and have great potential for job creation, is one of the main goals to be achieved by mutual collaboration between our two banks.”

Parsian Bank also announced its willingness to collaborate in supporting and funding scientific projects, especially innovation in information and communication technology, which is a specialty of Post Bank.

The CEO of Post Bank, Khosro Farahi, said that cooperation between the two sides would lead to mutual benefit and help expand efficient banking services.

“With expertise in IT and ICT plus almost 12,000 offices and centers providing banking services in rural areas, Post Bank will prove to be extremely effective in collaborating with Parsian,” Farahi was quoted as saying.

Outlining the terms of the agreement, he said, Banking facilities, offering credit lines and foreign exchange services are the main focus of the deal.