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TCCIMA Positive About Czech Collaboration

TCCIMA Positive About Czech Collaboration TCCIMA Positive About Czech Collaboration

The presence of the second economic delegation from the Czech Republic in Tehran signifies that country’s determination to develop two-way economic relations, deputy head of Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture said.

“Implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) enhanced relations between Iran and the outside world. The third Czech economic delegation is on its way to Iran,” Mehdi Jahangiri was quoted as saying by IRNA on Sunday.

The second economic delegation of the Czech Republic in Iran lead by the country’s deputy foreign minister, has discussed the main areas of cooperation between the private sectors.

Emphasizing the role of banking relations between two sides for developing economic ties, he said “European banks and insurance companies are hesitating to resume financial relations with Tehran. It is expected that the government in Prague help pave the way for (normal) banking relations with Iran.”

“During the sanctions era, Iran-Europe trade relations were harmed severely due to the sanctions imposed on banks; Iran-Czech trade in 2014 was about $30 million, which is less than the trade between any two (small) companies.”

Expressing optimism over the positive influence of the implementation of the nuclear deal on Iran-EU economic relations, he said “The technical capability of the Czech Republic in key industries and infrastructure further necessitates closer collaboration between our two countries.”

The TCCIMA official referred to industrial development projects, namely machinery and equipment, transportation, power and new energies, oil and gas, mining, chemical and pharmacy, as key areas for Tehran-Prague cooperation.

Recalling an agreement to end double taxation between the two countries, during a visit by Iran’s economy minister to the Czech Republic, he said, “The agreement presages a bright future for developing economic ties.”