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Chinese Meet Gold Jewelry Exporters

Chinese Meet Gold Jewelry  Exporters  Chinese Meet Gold Jewelry  Exporters

A visiting Chinese trade delegation in talks with Iran’s Gold, Jewelry, Silver and Precious Stones Producers and Exporters Association in Tehran has agreed to collaborate in the manufacture of gold and jewelry products.

“Issues such as mutual cooperation in gold and jewelry production were discussed and it was decided that advanced machinery and technology for cutting precious stones be imported from China in the near future,” Ebadollah Mohammad-Vali, head of the association was quoted as saying by eghtesadnews on Saturday.

On China’s strength in gold and jewelry industry, Mohammad-Vali said “China has rich gold mines and the import of raw materials from China was also discussed. But an agreement is yet to be reached.”

  Joint Factories

Setting up joint gold factories was also raised in the meeting, but the conditions for such cooperation must first be clarified, according to Mohammad-Vali.

Noting that Iran is not a producer of diamonds or other precious stones, he said since China has ample gold reserves and a thriving jewelry market, that country is willing “to collaborate with us in the handicraft industry and artworks -- an opportunity for job creation in Iran.

Jewelry demand in China has been brisk in recent years. According to the country’s National Bureau of Statistics figures, in 2003-2008, the average annual increase in sales of wholesale and retail enterprises was as high as 30.4%. In 2013. Annual jewelry sales showed an increase of 25.8%.

“It’s essential that the relevant bodies support traditional jewelry making to create jobs and thus help ease the unemployment problem,” the association chief was quoted as saying.

He added that the recent Shanghai jewelry exhibition, in which Iran was an active participant, presented the opportunity to familiarize the Chinese with Iranian expertise in making jewelry, which made them eager to call for cooperation between the two countries.