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Italian Firm to Transfer Light Aircraft Technology

Italian Firm to Transfer Light Aircraft Technology Italian Firm to Transfer Light Aircraft Technology

Iranian tech company Tose’e Parvaz Yazd has signed a €30 million contract with Italian aeronautics manufacturer Tecnam, which entails the transfer of technology by the Italian side for the manufacture of trainer aircraft by the Iranian firm within two years, Tose’e Parvaz Yazd’s CEO announced.

“Based on the agreement, which will take effect on June 21, the Italian company will transfer the technology of producing light aircraft with a capacity of 2-12 seats to Tose’e Parvaz Yazd Company,” Seyyed Abdolreza Hosseini was also quoted as saying by IRNA.

Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam, based near Naples in Italy, was founded in 1986. It has two primary activities, including making aircraft parts for other manufacturers and manufacturing its own range of light aircraft.

According to Hosseini, Tecnam’s light planes have been bestsellers since 2003, both globally and in the United States. The company recently inaugurated a US branch in Florida.

He noted that his company, which is based in the provincial city of Yazd in central Iran, will be the first in the Middle East to manufacture planes that are set to be exported to 15 countries.

The contract—signed during President Hassan Rouhani’s late-January visit to Italy—will prevent “the considerable outflow of foreign exchange for acquisition of parts and military and civil trainer planes” and cut related customs and transportation costs, he added.

“Iran is currently using 100 aircraft made by the Italian manufacturer,” Hosseini said, referring to lack of spare parts for trainer aircraft as one of the main issues facing the sector.

Back in June, Iran bought eight Tecnam P92JS trainers, along with four Robinson R44 helicopters, a PA-34 Seneca, two PA-28 Cherokee and two Cessna 172 pipers, which shows the country’s rising need for light aircraft.

Hosseini said “all the materials used in the aircraft manufacturing industry are available in Iran”, therefore end prices of many domestically manufactured products will be reduced by 30% compared with those bought from European countries.

“On top of all, Iran will eventually acquire the technology of manufacturing aircraft.”

As per the contract, Tose’e Parvaz Yazd will have its skilled workforce trained by the European firm.  

“During the next two years, both companies will jointly design a new aircraft that will be manufactured in Iran “under an Iranian name”, he said.

Hosseini noted that his company’s vision is to manufacture 50-70 seat passenger planes in the next 10 years.