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Saman Bank Offers Investment, Wealth Management Services

Saman Bank Offers Investment, Wealth Management ServicesSaman Bank Offers Investment, Wealth Management Services

Iran’s Saman Bank has established custodian services to help investors go through the process without worrying about the protection and management of their capital.

The services include registration of the investor (in the desired field of investment), cash account, safeguarding investors’ assets, trade operations, currency exchange, periodic evaluation of assets and reporting, management of annual profit as well as management of accounts and transactions.

Saman Bank’s custodian services also offers clients a list of possible and legal assets for investing, consultancy on possible and profitable areas as well as methods to address and remove restrictions if any exists.

Saman is a leader in e-banking and using new banking data networks. It launched the first Internet banking service in Iran and has been at the forefront of expansion of electronic banking.

The lender is focused mainly in Tehran, with more than half its branches in the capital that is home to 12 million people.

The bank has, however, expanded its operations in recent years and is now a member of the Saman Financial Group, which owns nine subsidiary companies it launched and/or acquired a substantial stake in between 2003 and 2012.