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Upbeat News Entices TSE Investors

Upbeat News Entices TSE Investors
Upbeat News Entices TSE Investors

The ongoing buoyant trend at Tehran’s stock market is enticing both retail and institutional investors to return their capital into the equity market, after the TEDPIX surged more than 4.5 percent within the past 12 working days.

The recent bullish market at the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) is promising stellar trading days for investors, paving the way for absorption of new liquidity.

The recent upsurge in trading volume and value demonstrates that investors have again flocked to the equity market, hoping to earn much more than the competing markets.

The positive speculations over a comprehensive agreement in nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries contributed the most to convince traders, attracting them to invest in the stock market.

Large groups of investors in Iran and overseas are mulling bringing their capital into the stock market or making fresh investment as this market is the most attractive one among other markets in Iran. Considering the upbeat economic news, international portfolio managers are among the new investors at the TSE.

As market analysts believe, the TSE is the forefront of high-potential markets in Iran as an untapped emerging market. Given the exceptionally low average Price Earnings (P/E) ratio and the prospect of an economic boom following the dissolution of western sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, the TSE is alluring traders.

Following the TEDPIX’s recent broad rallies, the negative atmosphere hanging over the industries may soon end and some of the listed companies like auto industry and financial groups have caught investors’ eye. The TSE’s dominant scene saw investors lining up in droves to buy high-yield shares.

 TSE Trade on Sunday

Companies’ shares remained buoyant on Sunday, after the TSE’s benchmark rose 340.6 points or 0.45 percent to 75,368.6, continuing its uptrend in the past two weeks.

The uptrend is expected to prevail at the TSE for a short if not a medium term, although market jitters should be considered as a potential hazard to the upward movement.

According to the TSE’s website, the first market index pulled higher 360.7 points or 0.65 percent to end at 56,039.2. The second market index was down 53.7 points or 0.04 percent to 144,834.3. The free floating index increased 613.4 points or 0.71 percent to 86,845.5. The industry index edged up 13.3 points or 0.02 percent to 62,940.2, and the blue chip index rose 27.6 points or 0.79 percent to settle at 3,504.

Financial groups had the highest volume of trades, after Mellat Bank, Tejarat Bank and Saderat Bank topped in terms of trade volume with Iran Khodro standing next.

Mellat Bank had the most attractive trades as it left the most positive impact on the TEDPIX with a 76.5 percent. MAPNA took second place in contributing to the TEDPIX’s uplift, and Pasargad Bank took the third place.