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London Confab to Survey Iran-UK Trade Potential

London Confab to Survey Iran-UK Trade PotentialLondon Confab to Survey Iran-UK Trade Potential

City & Financial Global, one of the UK’s leading research-based conference companies, has organized the “Iranian Trade Conference: New Prospects for British-Iranian Trade and Investment” that will be held in London on 11th and 12th April.

“The nuclear agreement has given Iran and Britain the opportunity to make a historic break with the past and marks the beginning of a new era in their relationship. This opens the door to economic reengagement in the form of involvement by British companies in a range of sectors in Iran, including infrastructure, oil and gas and financial services.

“However, British companies need to understand a range of issues if they are to position themselves successfully and ensure that they have the best chance of winning contracts. The due diligence required includes a solid grasp of the political, economic and legal situation, as well as an understanding of the business culture and the practicalities of doing business in Iran,” the company wrote on its website.

The upcoming event will provide delegates with an in-depth understanding of these key issues, as well as an analysis of the business opportunities in the infrastructure, oil and gas and financial services sectors, both in terms of export potential and direct investment.

Delegates will also be able to network with companies from Iran and with major UK and international contractors looking to build their supply chain as they bid for key contracts there.  

Mark Price, CVO, minister of state for trade and investment, will give the first keynote address at the conference, while the second will be delivered by the Rt. Hon. Lord Lamont of Lerwick, UK trade envoy to Iran and chairman of the British-Iranian Chamber of Commerce. UKTI is also supporting this event.

 Key topics

- Iran post-sanctions: Where do the opportunities lie? What are the key sectors for future investment?

- What are the sanctions’ current implications for the US and European companies and what can you do now to prepare yourself for the future?

- Getting acquainted with the local business culture. What are Iranian business expectations and formalities?

- Understanding Iranian economic sustainability to ensure a continuous flow of funding and investment for medium- and long-term projects

- Ensuring legal compliance in Iran. Finding balance between the national and international regulations

- The overview of the new oil and gas projects planned by the Iranian government to attract foreign investment and boost oil production across the country

- What are the key development priorities within Iranian infrastructure?

- How is Tehran Stock Exchange preparing for foreign investment? The trends and strategies of reemerging on the global stage

- How can Iranian banks develop a new culture? Is Iran ready for the foreign capital inflows?