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Dollar’s Advance Continues

Dollar’s Advance ContinuesDollar’s Advance Continues

The greenback pushed higher against the yen on Wednesday, while the euro and sterling resisted further decline, as low levels spurred more buying. Gold kept on falling as it tested new lows going as low as $1246.65 an ounce.The euro traded at $1.2919, lowest since July 2013, while the sterling was at $1.6153 at 15:22 GMT. The European economy is awaiting further stimulus, while the pound is pressured by the possibility of a Scottish breakup. The dollar is at a six year high versus the yen. It hit 106.64 yens by 15.22 GMT, as investors piled into treasuries.Meanwhile in Tehran, the rial resisted against dollar’s advances climbing against the US currency, pound and gold, while retreating against the euro.