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Antimony Plant Starts Production

Antimony Plant Starts ProductionAntimony Plant Starts Production

Sefidabeh Antimony Complex, Iran’s first antimony production plant, started production during the visit of Minister of Industries, Mining and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh’s visit to Sistan-Baluchistan Province on Thursday. The industrial complex will manufacture 300 kg of 96.99% pure antimony ingots per day. With a total proven reserves of 5,465 tons of 37% pure antimony ore located 150 kilometers north of Zabol, the mine will feed the production line, Mehr News Agency reported. According to the governor general of the province, Ali Osat Hashemi, Sistan-Baluchistan possesses nearly 10% of the world’s antimony reserves, among other impressive mineral potentials. Antimony is used to make certain types of semiconductor devices, such as diodes and infrared detectors. It is also alloyed with lead to increase its durability for use in the production of batteries, low-friction metals and cable sheathing, among other products.