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IME Trading Drops 70%

IME Trading Drops 70% IME Trading Drops 70%

Iran Mercantile Exchange’s exports board hosted the trading of 44,055 tons of commodities worth $12.6 million on Wednesday, down 68% from Tuesday’s $39.5 million. IME also traded 2,200 tons of bitumen and 100 tons of insulations. Furthermore, 16,896 tons of chemicals, 8,936 tons of bitumen, 1,932 tons of polymers and 40 tons of argon changed hands on the oil and petrochemical trading board. Elsewhere, the industrial and mining board saw the trading of 620 tons of 99.8% pure aluminum ingot by Iranian Aluminum Company and 5,000 tons of low-grade copper by National Iranian Copper Industries Company as well as 11 kg of gold bars by Mouteh Gold Mine. Finally, 40 tons of white sugar and 1,100 tons of corn were traded on the agricultural trading board.