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IME Trade Exceeds $39m

IME Trade Exceeds $39m  IME Trade Exceeds $39m

A total of 88,323 tons of commodities worth $39.5 million were traded at Iran’s Mercantile Exchange on Tuesday. IME’s industrial and mining trading board traded 1,760 tons of B hot-rolled sheets, 1,760 tons of C hot-rolled sheets, 100 tons of G galvanized sheets, 500 tons of tin-plated sheets and 400 tons of B cold-rolled sheets by Mobarakeh Steel Company on Tuesday. Furthermore, 10 kg of gold bars offered by Mouteh Gold Mine and 1,000 tons of 99.8% pure aluminum ingots offered by Iranian Aluminum Company were sold on the same board. Elsewhere, the export trading board saw the transaction of 175 tons of insulations, 50 tons of lump sulfur, 500 tons of heavy lube cuts and 2,000 tons of bitumen. Over 13,000 tons of polymers, 390 tons of chemicals, 2,000 tons of vacuum bottoms and 19,642 tons of bitumen were traded on the oil and petrochemical trading board. Finally, 200 tons of white sugar were sold on the agricultural trading board.