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CBI Will Release Data

CBI Will Release Data   CBI Will Release Data

The Central Bank of Iran will release its nine-month economic growth report in the last week of the current fiscal year (ends March 19).  CBI vice-governor, Akbar Komijani, said the CBI has not “reneged on its promise” of releasing the reports on key economic indicators once they are ready, Fars news agency reported. The CBI did not mention the annual GDP growth rate in its two last quarterly reports, drawing criticism for apparently “avoiding depressing data,” the news agency claimed. The regulator has also faced criticism for discrepancy in its data with that of the Statistical Center of Iran – another state-owned institution in charge of official data. Komijani said the growth rates and relevant data had been released by the SCI and pledged that the CBI would publish the full nine-month economic performance report before the fiscal year is out on March 19.