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162KT of Goods Traded at IME

162KT of Goods Traded at IME162KT of Goods Traded at IME

Iran Mercantile Exchange’s industrial and mining trading floor witnessed the trading of more than 100,000 tons of rebars and I-beams produced by Esfahan Steel Company on Saturday. Over 15,000 tons of bitumen by Ayeq Esfahan Company, Akam Bitumen Company and Atra Crown energy, and 240 tons of insulations by Dana Gam Company were traded on the exports trading floor. The oil and petrochemicals floor played host to the trading of 17,582 tons of bitumen, 13,590 tons of vacuum bottom, 1,360 tons of sulfur, 60 tons of heavy aromatics, 160 tons of ammonia and 1,349 tons of polymers. Furthermore, 70 tons of corn, 500 tons of soybeans and 385 tons of soybean oilcakes were traded at the agricultural board. Overall, more than 162,000 tons of goods valued at $45.7 million were traded in IME’s spot market on Saturday.