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No Standard Prizewinner

No Standard PrizewinnerNo Standard Prizewinner

The head of Iran’s Quality Management Society has said that in the past 10 years no manufacturer has managed to win the main standard prize awarded annually by the National Standards Organization.

“The reason is that the quality of the majority of Iranian products is not satisfactory,” Farzin Entesarian said. Compulsory standards need to be set for goods and services directly used by people so there is an average standard for national production process, ISNA quoted him as saying.

Considering the quality of Iranian goods and services, a new quality measure for goods and services would be defined within next month as an index similar to inflation rate, Entesarian announced.

He asserted that there is a difference between standard and quality; meaning that standard provides a minimum security for the society when using services or goods. However, standards for automobiles, for example, deal directly with cars’ safety features. “Therefore, a car that fails to meet the required safety features lacks quality indeed.”

Meanwhile, Entesarian added that the quality should be maintained at the highest level possible throughout the whole production process whenever there’s demand for an item or service in the market.