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Italy’s Cavalli Opens Shop in Tehran

Italy’s Cavalli Opens Shop in TehranItaly’s Cavalli Opens Shop in Tehran

Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli says it has opened its first shop in Iran following the lifting of sanctions earlier this year. Rich in natural resources and with a young, well-educated population of about 80 million, some analysts think Iran could be a potential goldmine for luxury goods companies, Reuters reported. Roberto Cavalli is among the first Italian brands to strike out in Tehran with a store dedicated to its own label—the model favored over department store concessions by many luxury fashion companies as it allows them to control their image and relationship with customers. The store, with 350 square meters of floors made of brown quartzite mixed with crystal dust, decked out with ponyskin carpets, sells women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and eyewear. “We think Iran is set to become a very interesting market for luxury products,” Cavalli CEO Renato Semerari said.