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Polymers on Trade at IME

Polymers on Trade at IME
Polymers on Trade at IME

Close to 50 grades of polymers were on sale on the oil and petrochemical trading floor at the Iran Mercantile Exchange on Tuesday, IME’s PR and foreign affair department reported.

According to the report, 73,000 tons of various polymers were offered by domestic petrochemical plants.

Moreover, 3,500 tons of sulfur lumps, 3,000 tons of heavy lube-cut oil, and 700 tons of bitumen were up for grabs at the same trading floor.

The export trading floor hosted 120,000 tons of bitumen of Jey Oil Refining Company. Furthermore, 8,500 tons of various grades of bitumen were offered at this trading floor as well.

Based on the report, 7,990 tons of Kabkab dates from the southern port of Bushehr, 1,600 tons of durum wheat, and 250 tons of cubic sugar were up for grabs on the agricultural trading floor.

As the report stated, a total 200,000 tons of various commodities were likely to be traded at the IME’s spot market.

The IME’s analysts are benchmarking the role of the mercantile exchange in the economy, hoping that the transparent nature of the exchange for various commodities will create a fairer pricing system for both local and international clients.

Overall, as the scope of mercantile exchange is expanding across the country and different types commodities are being offered, the new price discovery system will boost trade.