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69KT of Goods Traded at IME

69KT of Goods Traded at IME69KT of Goods Traded at IME

On Sunday, 22,000 tons of lube cut oil offered by Tehran, Tabriz and Bandar Abbas oil refining companies were traded at Iran Mercantile Exchange for more than $2.5 million. Furthermore, 10,000 tons of vacuum bottoms, 3,600 tons of bitumen, 112 tons of polymers and 38 tons of chemicals were traded on the same board, IME reported. Bitumen also found its way to other boards as 16,000 tons of this commodity were traded on the export trading board. Moreover, 13,890 tons of copper, 2,200 tons of rebars, 140 tons of sulfur molybdenum and 9 tons of precious metals concentrates were traded on the industrial and mining trading board. Finally, 25,000 tons of white sugar, 1,150 tons of dates and 131 tons of corn were sold on the agricultural trading board. Overall, more than 69,000 tons of commodities were traded in IME’s spot market valued at $24.5 million.