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1st Major Int’l Law Firm Opens Office in Tehran

1st Major Int’l Law Firm Opens Office in Tehran1st Major Int’l Law Firm Opens Office in Tehran

CMS has become the first major international law firm to open a dedicated office in the Iranian capital, Tehran, led by partners of CMS Germany. This includes the right to provide legal advice in Iran. Following the successful completion of detailed preparations, the CMS office and staff in Tehran opened for business on 1 February, the company reported on its website.

"At CMS, we look to expand into regions where we see change and where we expect that there will be future opportunities. After the lifting of sanctions, we now see this in Iran,” said Cornelius Brandi, executive chairman of CMS.

“This is a large country with a very well-educated and young population which is open for travel and well-connected internationally. We see many opportunities, especially in energy, technology and automotive.”

Following the election of President Hassan Rouhani in 2013 and the start of negotiations with the West, CMS set up a taskforce to establish connections in Iran, which paved the way for the new office.

CMS has already advised on the cooperation agreement signed a few days ago between Daimler and Iran Khodro Diesel.

"Setting up a CMS office in Tehran is a clear demonstration of our commitment and underlines the importance of the market in Iran and the Middle East,” said Hubertus Kolster, managing dartner of CMS Germany. “This will enable us to provide local support for our clients and investors on projects in Iran. It is also another milestone for our firm in the development of innovative and cross-border legal services.”

CMS will be represented in Iran with its own lawyers who will also advise on Iranian law and cover all the legal areas expected of a major international law firm.

The client base will comprise multinationals and large SMEs from all over the world, as well as from within Iran.