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Iran to Pitch for Omani Investment in Capital Market

Iran to Pitch for Omani  Investment in Capital Market Iran to Pitch for Omani  Investment in Capital Market

The “Iran Capital Market Roadshow” is scheduled to take place in Oman on February 24 for showcasing investment opportunities available in Iran, as the country opens up to international markets following the lifting of western sanctions.

The event, to be held at Ritz Carlton Al Bustan Palace in Muscat, will be addressed by senior representatives of Iran’s Foreign Ministry, Economy Ministry, Central Bank of Iran, Tehran Stock Exchange and the Organization for Investment and Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran, Omani newspaper The Times of Oman reported.

Iran’s private sector will be represented by a range of financial entities, including leading bankers and executives from Sina Bank, Sina Insurance, Sina Leasing, Behgozin Brokerage Company and Magellan Capital.

Speaking at an event in Tehran on Monday, Behzad Golkar, the chief executive officer of Sina Holding, said global investors are never going to see a country of this size and sophistication open up again.

“Our Muscat roadshow will focus on a wide range of opportunities available to investors interested in Iran, in particular our well-developed capital markets, as well as looking at the industries, sectors and asset classes likely to deliver the strongest returns in the longer term,” he said.

“This is a genuinely unique opportunity and the scale and intensity of international investor interest in our economy means that now is the time for serious investors to make their moves.”

Holding the world’s fourth largest oil reserves and the second largest stocks of natural gas, Iran is the region’s most diverse economy with an established capital market, a well-developed industrial base and a large population that generates a significant demand for services such as telecommunications and banking.

Gross domestic product in 2014 was around $437 billion, ranking it as the world’s 27th largest economy, ahead of countries such as Austria.