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123k Ton Commodities at Spot Market

123k Ton Commodities at Spot Market123k Ton Commodities at Spot Market

More than 123,000 tons of various commodities were on offer at the Iran Mercantile Exchange (IIME) on Monday, IME’s PR and foreign affairs department reported.

Based on the report, different polymers and oil-related commodities were up for grabs. In addition, close to 42,000 tons of bitumen of various grades, 900 tons of sulfur, and 2,000 tons of vacuum bottom were offered on the oil and petrochemical trading floor at the IME.

Moreover, 900 tons of aluminum ingot (99.75% purity) as well as 100 tons of copper wire were for sale on the IME’s board on the mining and industrial trading floor.  Meanwhile, about 15,000 tons of steel slab grade C with the base price of 14,320 rials were offered by Hormozgan Steel Company (HSC), as depending on the market demand, HSC expressed readiness to offer another 30,000 tons of the same commodity for sale.

According to the report, 2,100 tons of Zahedi date from the southern province of Fars as well as 7,900 tons of Kabkab date from the southern port of Bushehr were among the commodities offered for potential customers on the agricultural trading floor.

Furthermore, 1,000 tons of durum wheat, 500 tons of Ukrainian maize, 200 tons of cotton seed, and 250 tons of cubic sugar were up for grabs on the agricultural trading floor.

Considering market demand, 3,500 tons of frozen chicken were offered on the export trading floor. In addition, 5,000 tons of bitumen 6070 and 820 tons of insulation were offered on the same trading floor.