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Iran, France Strengthen Agricultural Ties

Iran, France Strengthen Agricultural TiesIran, France Strengthen Agricultural Ties

Iran’s Agriculture Minister Mahmoud Hojjati, who was part of the delegation accompanying President Hassan Rouhani in his Europe tour last week, signed several agreements with his French counterpart Stephane Le Foll on Thursday.

Among the deals was one related to construction of modern greenhouses, which was signed by Iran’s Kowsar Agricultural Investment Company and France’s Richel Serres (Golden Group), IRNA reported.

In the first phase of the contract, a number of hi-tech greenhouses will be installed on 25 hectares of land in Kermanshah to grow tomatoes in two years. The French part has guaranteed exports of the products of these greenhouses.

The first phase of the contract is estimated to cost €20 million. In the second phase, these greenhouses will expand to 50 hectares to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash and other vegetables.

Three agreements were also struck between Iran Food Industries Federations and French Federation of International Exchanges Development and Food Processing Techniques (known by its French acronym ADEPTA), including one on joint production of auto vaccine in Iran in cooperation with France’s Biovac and another on production of fish eggs and technology transfer between France’s Aqualande and Iran Fisheries Organization. The fish eggs project will pave the way for technology transfer in aquaculture industry.