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Huge Energy Consumption in Mines

Huge Energy Consumption in Mines
Huge Energy Consumption in Mines

The Statistical Center of Iran has published a report showing the amount of energy carriers and the number of small-scale generators utilized in the country's active mines.

According to the report, cited by Eghtesad News, there were 3,717 active mines in Iran in 2012, including 797 decorative stone mines and 777 crushed stone mines. Isfahan, Markazi and Razavi Khorasan were the provinces with the highest number of mines.

Statistics on energy consumption in mines were collected and translated into barrels of crude oil and consequently, the total amount of energy consumption was calculated in the report.

Total energy consumption in active mines in 2012 equaled 8.1 million oil barrels, the report said. 

Energy consumption in copper stone, ore and decorative stones mines in 2012 was equal to 2.4, 1.9 and 1.2 million barrels of oil, respectively. The report also revealed that Kerman and Yazd provinces were the most, and Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad and Alborz provinces were the least energy intensive provinces for excavation.

"Energy consumption per capita in active mines in 2012 was equal to 2,185 barrels of crude oil. Additionally, diesel fuel and electricity consumption per capita in the country's mines matched 991 and 419 barrels of oil in the same period," the report read. "Diesel fuel (45.3 percent), Electricity (19.2 percent) and mazut (16.1 percent) recorded the most consumption among other energy carriers in mineral operations."

Additionally, 2,410 generators were utilized in mines, 1,957 of which were permanent and 336 were used in emergency. The report also suggested that only 206 mines had established energy management units out of the total 3,717 in 2012.