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Slovak Deputy PM in Banking Talks

Slovak Deputy PM in Banking TalksSlovak Deputy PM in Banking Talks

Expanding banking ties with Slovakia can help facilitate economic and trade relations between the two countries, Valiollah Seif, governor of the Central Bank of Iran said Wednesday.

In a meeting with Slovakia’s Deputy Prime Minister Peter Kažimír, Seif proposed the establishment of a joint committee to help pave the way for establishing correspondent banking relations and a joint account between the two central banks, the CBI website reported.

Seif pointed to the lifting of sanctions on Iran’s banking system and said,  “As the sanctions fade Iranian lenders are willing to start joint banks with their Slovak counterparts.”

Sanctions against Iran were lifted at the weekend as the nuclear deal with the US and five other world powers was officially implemented.  

“Slovak banks are welcome in Iran. Establishing representative offices, opening branches or buying up to 40% of Iranian banks’ shares are among the possibilities for Slovak lenders and other investors,” Seif said.

 Seif also asked the Slovak deputy premier to restore Iran’s credit rating at Slovakia’s central bank to the pre-sanctions level.

Kazimir welcomed Seif’s proposal to establish a joint account between the two central banks saying Bratislava is ready for closer banking collaboration with Iran.

“We have signed a MoU with the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran which is a good step forward for increasing trade between the two nations.”