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Ban of High-Rises

Ban of  High-Rises Ban of  High-Rises

The High Council of Construction and Architecture has developed a set of regulations for construction of buildings with over 12 stories in Tehran. Builders must henceforth get an environmental certificate before construction. The council has also banned construction of skyscrapers across Tehran except in a few areas, the details of which will be announced later, ILNA reported on Sunday. Before issuing building permits, the municipality should consider the sprawling capital’s population cap, which it said should not exceed 10.1 million people. The ruling comes on the heels of the council’s decision last week to ban new permits for construction of towers over 12 stories in the city in response to the worsening air pollution crisis. High-rise building’s safety against fire and earthquake, and their access to water supply are also among the prerequisites to getting a construction license from the beleaguered Tehran Municipality.