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IME Offers 132KT of Goods

IME Offers 132KT of Goods IME Offers 132KT of Goods

Iran Mercantile Exchange’s export trading board witnessed the supply of 55,000 tons of granulated iron ore by the Jalalabad Iron Ore Complex at the base price of $8 per ton on Monday. Furthermore, 2,000 tons of 6070 bitumen were supplied on the same board by Azarbam Bitumen Company. The industrial and mining trading board played host to 2,000 tons of aluminum ingots of 99.8% purity and 300 tons of aluminum ingots of 99.7% purity by Iran Aluminum Company, in addition to 66 tons of A3-12-32 rebars by Isfahan Steel Company and 2,200 tons of metallurgy coke by Zarand Coke Company. Close to 50,000 tons of bitumen, 5,936 tons of polymers, 8,000 tons of lube cut oil and 1,500 tons of sulfur were offered on the oil and petrochemical trading board. Finally, 4,690 tons of corn were supplied on the agricultural trading board. Overall, the IME played host to about 132,000 tons of commodities on Monday.