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KFTZO Wraps Up 2 Exhibitions

KFTZO Wraps Up  2 Exhibitions
KFTZO Wraps Up  2 Exhibitions

The sixth exposition on introducing Iran’s investment opportunities, ended Friday, Oct. 25 after four days. It was held alongside the first international Bourse, Banking, Insurance, Capital Market and Privatization exhibition in Kish island.

Companies from Canada, Greece, Russia, Netherlands, Cyprus, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Iraq, Venezuela and Tajikistan were present along with 105 Iranian firms sharing the 100 pavilions on Kish’s international expo center, according to IRNA.

“The GDP per capita of Kish islanders is triple that of the country’s average,” said the chief investment manager of Kish Free Trade Zone Organization (KFTZO) to BINA at the expo. Thus, authorities are looking to draw in investors based on the free zone’s special needs and attractions.

The free zone is also in need of an increase in insurance coverage, both in magnitude and variety of policies offered. According to the investment manager of KFTZO, the organization has projects with a total value of 60 trillion rials ($2.3 billion), which need to be insured, adding that KFTZO is ready to help insurance firms enter the market.

There is also the ‘Kish Investors Club’ a scheme developed for investors with over 100 billion rials ($38 million) in net worth. Members of this unique club are offered a variety of benefits and special advantages when entering the island.