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37% Rise in Copper Production

37% Rise in Copper Production37% Rise in Copper Production

More than 89,000 tons of copper concentrates were produced by the subsidiaries of National Iranian Copper Industries Company.

Production by Sarcheshmeh Copper Complex, Sungun Copper Mine and Miduk Copper Complex during the month ending November 21 indicated a 37% increase in terms of volume compared to the similar period of last year, IMIDRO reported on Saturday.

The report added that the companies produced 626,130 tons of copper concentrates during the eight-month period ending November 22, recording a 20% growth in volume compared to last year’s 523,598 tons.

The eight-month production figures for copper anode, copper cathode, molybdenum and sulfide ore all posted increases compared to the previous year’s corresponding period and stood at 158,000 tons, 12,768 tons, 4,717 tons, 28.9 million tons respectively.