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256KT of Goods in IME Spot Market

256KT of Goods in IME Spot Market256KT of Goods in IME Spot Market

Iran Mercantile Exchange witnessed the supply of 107,040 tons of bitumen, sulfur and insulations on the export trading board on Wednesday.

The oil and petrochemical trading board played host to 132,458 tons of bitumen, polymers, lube cut oil, vacuum bottoms and chemicals.

Furthermore, 863 tons of rebars and I-beams by Arian Steel Company and 1,060 tons of aluminum alloys by Iran Aluminum Company were supplied on the industrial and mining trading board.

Meanwhile, 7,973 tons of corn, 100 tons of imported rice, 10 tons of Tarom rice, 4,000 tons of durum wheat, 1,000 tons of unprocessed soybean oil, 2,000 tons of soybean oil cake and 100 tons of sugar were up for grabs on the agricultural trading board.

Overall, 256,000 tons of different commodities were supplied in IME’s spot market on Wednesday.