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New Housing Loan A/C Popular

New Housing Loan A/C PopularNew Housing Loan A/C Popular

Bank Maskan has so far opened more than 25,000 accounts for its new Housing Savings Account. According to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development news website, a total of 4.9 trillion rials ($ 161.7 million) has so far been deposited in the accounts. The figures also indicate that on average 101 new accounts were opened everyday amounting to 11 billion rials ($363,000). It said 6,522 accounts were opened in Tehran amounting to 1.8 trillion rials ($59.4 million) which shows an average of 48 accounts were opened every day. Maskan’s Housing Savings Account, launched in June, finances first-time homebuyers up to 800 million rials ($26.400) subject to  one-year deposits.