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Aluminum Oxide Makes Debut at IME

Aluminum Oxide Makes Debut at IME
Aluminum Oxide Makes Debut at IME

Iran Mercantile Exchange’s export trading board witnessed the supply of 12,000 tons of aluminum oxide for the first time by Iran Alumina Company at the base price of $299 per ton on Wednesday.

The board’s other offerings included 67,000 tons of bitumen by Jey Oil Refining Company, 4,000 tons of 6070 bitumen by Qaisar Jonoub Company, 10,000 tons of 6070 bitumen by Arak Pasargad Oil Company and 1,000 tons of 6070 bitumen by Arka Oil Company.

Meanwhile, 38,100 tons of bitumen, 26,356 tons of chemicals, 16,000 tons of vacuum bottoms, 19,000 tons of lube cut oil and 1,000 tons of granulated sulfur were supplied on the oil and petrochemical trading board.

The mining and industrial trading board saw 500 tons of 7-6063 billets and 1,000 tons of aluminum alloy ingots by Iran Aluminum Company, in addition to 2,000 tons of metallurgical coke by Zaran Coke Company. Moreover, 1,920 tons of wide flange I-beams were supplied on the same board by Isfahan Steel Company.

Finally, 8,146 tons of corn, 4,000 tons of durum wheat, 100 tons of rice, 100 tons of white sugar and 10 tons of rice were offered on the agricultural trading board.

Overall, IME offered close to 220,000 tons of goods at IME on Wednesday.