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Metals Glitter at IME

Metals Glitter at IME Metals Glitter at IME

Iran Mercantile Exchange’s industrial and mining trading board witnessed the supply of 176 tons of I-beams, 352 tons of rebars, 246 tons of steel sections, 22,100 tons of copper cathodes, 460 tons of sulfur molybdenum, 18 tons of precious metals and 20 kg of gold bars on Monday. The oil and petrochemical trading board played host to 100 tons of sulfur, 8,000 tons of lube cut oil, 20,000 tons of vacuum bottoms, 1,012 tons of polyethylene, 4,895 tons of polypropylene, 500 tons of sulfuric acid and more than 54,000 tons of bitumen. Bitumen also found its way to the export trading board, as 5,000 tons of 6070 bitumen by Fara Shimi Rooz Company, and 3,000 tons of 85100 bitumen by Hormozgan Bitumen Industry Company were offered on this board. Finally, 18,641 tons of corn, 6,500 tons of dates, 1,000 tons of white sugar and 500 tons of soybeans were supplied on the agricultural trading board.