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Elecomp Opens

Elecomp OpensElecomp Opens

The 21st edition of Iran’s International Exhibition of Electronics, Computer and E-Commerce opens today at Tehran’s International Fairground.

According to a press release, a total of 420 local and foreign firms are attending the event and will present their latest achievements, products and services in the realm of information technology and telecommunications.

It is reported that 50 state-affiliated organizations will be present at the Elecomp 2015.

Iran’s ICT Guild Organization is hosting this year’s event. In collaboration with Iran’s Electronic Industries Development Fund, the guild has provided easy loans to firms taking part in the expo. The interest rate on the loans is 12% and should be repaid in seven installments within a year.   

To promote entrepreneurship in a national framework, more than 80 Iranian startups have also been given a hall in which they are  presenting services in a bid to attract investment for their business ideas. The startups have not been charged for the space allocated to them.   

Occupying more than 22,000 square meters, Elecomp 2015 will continue until December 17 and is open between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.