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Call for Aerospace Industrial Network

Call for Aerospace Industrial Network
Call for Aerospace Industrial Network

The president of the Institute for Trade Studies and Research called on Wednesday for developing a cluster and network for firms active in the aerospace industry.

Addressing an exhibition on Iranian aerospace capabilities in Tehran, Mohammad Reza Razavi said, “Such groups can pave the way for enhanced synchrony in collective actions taken by the Iranian Aviation and Space Industries Association.”

“Iran needs certain types of planes,” said the official, as IRNA reported, “specifically medium range aircrafts.”

However, infrastructure for manufacturing certain types of planes has been developed domestically, according to Razavi, who said “now we are able to produce some types of planes,” which he hoped could be marketed in the regional markets.

To help the industry grow, the acquired international experience and equipment in the field of aviation and space industries need to be utilized, Razavi asserted.

“Major international aircraft manufacturing companies like Boeing are already taking advantage of the skills and knowledge of Iranian expatriates working there,” he said, proposing that they can share their scientific, engineering, and managerial knowledge with their counterparts in Iran.

Razavi believes it would be a good idea to bring together aircraft manufacturers and parts producers in a single place like a specialized industrial park. That would cause the industry to flourish, he added.

The official also underlined the need for Iranian aerospace firms to expand ties with foreign companies and sign joint ventures, which could help much to further develop the aviation and space industry.

The Institute for Trade Studies and Research and Iranian Aviation and Space Industries Association together with some other related agencies have been working together to prepare a roadmap for the industry in the country, the official noted.  

“One of the orientations of the roadmap would be to promote the role of the private sector in the industry,” he asserted.