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360KT of Goods Supplied at IME

360KT of Goods Supplied at IME360KT of Goods Supplied at IME

Iran Mercantile Exchange’s industrial and mining trading board witnessed the supply of 80,000 tons of steel blooms by Khuzestan Steel Company and 50,000 tons of C slabs on Tuesday. Iran Aluminum Company offered 1,000 tons of aluminum ingots and 300 tons of ingots on the same board. The oil and petrochemical trading board played host to 45,616 tons of polymers, 50,287 tons of bitumen, 18,000 tons of vacuum bottoms and 4,100 tons of sulfur. Oil products also found their way to the export trading board as it witnessed the supply of 76,000 tons of bitumen by Jey Oil Refining Company, 4,000 tons of bitumen by Black Gold Bitumen Company, 5,000 tons of bitumen by Fara Shimi Rooz Company and 200 tons of insulations by Parsian Bitumen Company. Finally, 2,553 tons of corn from Khuzestan Province were supplied on the agricultural trading board, in addition to 6,500 tons of dates, 1,500 tons of white sugar, 4,000 tons of durum wheat, 600 tons of sugarbeet pulp and 500 tons of soybeans. All in all, close to 360,000 tons of various commodities were supplied in IME’s spot market on Tuesday.