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125KT of Goods at IME

125KT of Goods at IME125KT of Goods at IME

Iran Mercantile Exchange’s agricultural trading board witnessed the offering of 5,910 tons of corn from Khuzestan Province valued at more than $1.08 million on Monday. Moreover, 55,000 tons of granulated iron ore were supplied by the Iranian Central Plateau Iron Ore Mines Complex at the base price of $14.35 per tons on the exports trading board, which also saw the supplying of 200 tons of insulations by Pasargad Ayegh Pars Company and 4,000 tons of 6070 bitumen by Hormozan Oil Company. The industrial and mining trading board played host to 550 tons of B hot-rolled steel sheets, 660 tons of C hot-rolled sheets and 500 tons of B cold-rolled sheets by Mobarakeh Steel Company, in addition to 3 tons of valuable metals concentrate by National Iranian Copper Industries Company and 10 kg of gold bars by Mouteh Gold Mine. Finally, 10,135 tons of bitumen and 3,507 tons of polymers were supplied on the oil and petrochemicals trading board. Overall, close to 125,000 tons of goods valued at more than $31.4 million were supplied in IME on Monday.