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Bitumen Day at IME

Bitumen Day at IMEBitumen Day at IME

Iran Mercantile Exchange witnessed the supply of 14,000 tons of 6070 bitumen by Tabriz Oil Refining Company, Qaisar Jonoub Company, ISONAM Company, Ghiran Pakhsh Setareh Iranian Company and Jey Oil Refining Company on the oil and petrochemical trading board on Saturday. Furthermore, 57,050 tons of 6070, 4050, 85100, MC250 and PG bitumen as well as emulsions were supplied on the same board. The oil and petrochemical board’s other offerings for the day included 29,940 tons of lube cut oil, paraxylene, vacuum bottoms, terephthalic acid, heavy aromatics, ammonia, polyethylene and caustic soda. Moreover, 5,381 tons of corn from Khuzestan Province were supplied on the agricultural trading board, in addition to 11,200 tons of durum wheat, unprocessed soybean oil, dates and white sugar.