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southeast Iran’s Huge Titanium Reserves

southeast Iran’s Huge Titanium Reservessoutheast Iran’s Huge Titanium Reserves

Sistan-Baluchestan Province in southeast Iran is home to 3.6 billion tons of titanium reserves, says the chairman of the board of directors of Mokran Mineral Processing Complex. Jamshid Jahanbaksh Tehrani added that with the annual extraction of 30 million tons of titanium, the province will have enough reserves for the next 500 years. According to Tehrani, an investment of $3.7 billion is required to make full use of the province’s titanium mines in the next five years, which will create about 13,000 employment opportunities, IRNA reported. Sistan-Baluchestan’s titanium mines are located in 30 mineral-rich zones of Fanouj and Nikshahr counties and span 5,675 kilometers. Titanium concentrate, which costs about $5,000 per gram, is used in the manufacture of airplane parts, dental implants and aerospace equipment.