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Asia-Pacific Housing Confab

Asia-Pacific Housing Confab
Asia-Pacific Housing Confab

The Ministerial Conference on Housing and Urban Development (APMCHUD) Slum Upgrading Working Group (RSUWG) starts its 3rd meeting in Tehran on Sunday during which member nations will share experience and knowledge in the improvement of low quality urban areas.

The expert-level meeting aims to  address various issues including  developing policies for promoting inclusive cities with equal opportunities for all, finding feasible solutions to bridge the gap between policy and practice in urban regeneration, promoting socio-economic approaches in regeneration of slums, and exploiting the role of public catalytic projects to stimulate the development of urban areas.

Experts will review indices for renovation of disorganized urban areas as well as discuss the role of a virtual scientific committee for sharing information among members, the Urban Development and Revitalization Corporation’s public relations office reported.

The Urban Development and Revitalization Corporation, affiliated to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, is organizing the event in collaboration with the United Nations Human Settlement Program Office in Tehran.

The event will be held from November 29-December 1 in Laleh International Hotel in Tehran.

 Housing officials from 49 Asia-Pacific countries are invited, including representatives from South Korea, India, Thailand, Iraq and Jordan.