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Expanding Iran-Russia Ties

Expanding Iran-Russia TiesExpanding Iran-Russia Ties

The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation has recently held a meeting on the development of trade and economic cooperation between Moscow and Tehran to facilitate commercial exchanges between private sectors of both sides. The meeting also sought to provide more facilities for Iranian companies to invest in Russia.

 However, a Russian businessman, Oleg Nefedov, has told Press TV on the sidelines of the meeting that “the main problem is financial reserves to increase money circulation. It’s a problem for everyone.” Victor Melnikov who works with Russia-Iran Business Council has also said, “We are well aware that Iran is a country with a great future and now it is necessary or rather it was necessary yesterday to save place there. This is something to work on.” Iran and Russia are planning to establish a joint bank as an effort to bypass Western sanctions on the Iranian banking sector and Russian organizations.