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270KT of Goods Offered at IME

270KT of Goods Offered at IME270KT of Goods Offered at IME

Iran Mercantile Exchange’s industrial and mining trading board witnessed the supply of 1,840 tons of aluminum alloys and 200 tons of 7-6063 billets by Iran Aluminum Company on Wednesday.

The industrial and mining trading board’s other offerings of the day include 60 tons of aluminum alloys by Golpayegan Aluminum Company, 2,960 tons of I-beams, 8,910 tons of rebars and 5,940 tons of angles by Arian Steel Company, 220 tons of A3-10-32 rebars, 1,000 tons of scrap steel by Azerbaijan Steel Company, 1,600 tons of A3-14-20 rebars by Sadr Steel Company, 10 kg of gold bars by Mouteh Gold Mine and 1,600 tons of 0-5 metallurgical coke by Zarand Coke Company.

The exports trading board played host to 55,000 tons of granulated iron ore by Jalal Abad Iron Ore Complex at the base price of $11 per ton. Furthermore, about 82,000 tons of bitumen and 400 tons of insulations were supplied on the same board.

Some 60,300 tons of bitumen, 20,200 tons of chemicals, 12,000 tons of vacuum bottoms, 8,000 tons of heavy lube cuts, 2,000 tons of sulfur and 280 tons of argon were supplied on the oil and petrochemical trading board.

Finally, 4,000 tons of soybeans and 500 tons of unprocessed soybean oil by Kandooj Bran Processing Company were supplied on the agricultural trading board.

Overall, more than 270,000 tons of commodities were supplied on IME’s spot market on Wednesday.