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Logistics Trade Expo in May

Logistics Trade Expo in MayLogistics Trade Expo in May

A new trade exhibition scheduled for May in Tehran will host businesspeople tracking the country’s predicted growth in logistics, conveyance, storage and other related fields, as it rejoins world markets after years of economic sanctions.

The sanctions are expected to be removed in early 2016, as part of a deal struck between Iran and world powers in July, in exchange for agreeing to temporary curbs on its nuclear program.

The trade show, called Smart Factory Iran, will focus on the impact of sanctions removal on three areas: logistics, conveyance and storage; factory automation, robotics and electrical engineering; and metal working, welding and surface treatment, wrote the US magazine DC Velocity.

Organizers say companies with expertise in these “smart industrial technologies” will be well positioned to meet new business opportunities triggered by a forecasted economic boom, as the country moves to modernize its outdated infrastructure.

Under the new arrangement, Iran could see rapid growth in its industrial economy, according to the show’s co-hosts, German trade show specialists Fairtrade and their Iranian partners Palar Samaneh Company.

The impact of sanctions removal could be quite large, since Iran imported an estimated $188 million to $270 million worth of logistics, conveyance and storage technology between 2010 and 2014, show organizers say.

The exhibition is scheduled for May 23-25 at Tehran’s International Fairground. For more details, visit