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Equal Blood Money for Car Accident Victims

Equal Blood Money for Car Accident VictimsEqual Blood Money for Car Accident Victims

Parliament has approved legislation that entitles the victims of car accidents to equal blood money regardless of gender or religion.

According to law, insurers are required to compensate for injury or death, as a result of a car crash, up to the ceiling envisaged in the insurance contract without prejudice to the gender or creed of the deceased or injured.

Courts and judicial authorities must also make reference to the provision of the new law in the final verdict that determines the amount of blood money, ILNA reported on Tuesday.

The new law also prohibits the inclusion of any terms or conditions in insurance contracts that contradict its provision or waiver the obligations of insurers in any way. In addition, insurers are not allowed to obtain prior written approval from their clients entitling them to amounts less than the figures envisaged in the law. Any such prior agreement is not legally binding.

Blood money (Diyya) in Islamic Sharia law is the financial compensation paid to the claimants or their next-of kin in cases of homicide, bodily harm or property damage. For the current Iranian year (started March 21), the blood money is 1.65 billion rials ($55,000).