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IME to Host IEU Data Transfer Center

IME to Host IEU Data Transfer CenterIME to Host IEU Data Transfer Center

Iran Mercantile Exchange will host Interexchange Electronic Union’s data transfer center. The decision was announced in a meeting between IME’s chief executive, Hamed Soltannejad, and IEU Chairman Greigor Petrosovich Vardikyan last week. IEU unites nine commodity exchanges of Armenia (YERCOMEX), Belarus (BUCE), Iran (IME), Kazakhstan (ICEX “Kazakhstan”, CEX “Kaspiy”), Kyrgyzstan (KUCEX), Ukraine (UCEX, “Agrarian Commodity Exchange” Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, UUCEX) and three commodity distribution systems from Armenia (Clearing House UCDLE), Belarus (the Certification center “BUCE”) and Iran (Central Securities Depository of Iran). IME joined the organization last September and is expanding its cooperation and seeking to create specialized exchanges among others.