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Metals Rule IME

Metals Rule IMEMetals Rule IME

As much as 231,000 tons of different types of commodities were offered on Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) board on Monday.

Mobarakeh Steel Company offered 39,600 tons of hot-rolled steel C at 17,077 rials per kilogram. The company also offered 28,600 tons of hot-rolled steel B on industrial and mineral trading floor at 16,707 rials per kilogram in addition to 6,000 tons of cold-rolled steel plates B and 2,500 tons of galvanized steel sheets.  

Khuzestan Steel Company offered 20,000 tons of bloom at 15,290 rials per kilogram and it was to offer another 50,000 tons of the product.

Ofogh Alborz Cable Company had 100 tons of copper wire to offer, while traders were offered 80 tons of the same product by Kaveh Copper Industries Company. The industrial and mineral trading floor also witnessed 1,400 tons of 99.75 ingots offered by Almahdi Hormozal Aluminum Company, 10 kilograms of gold by Mouteh gold mine, and 6 tons of precious metals concentrates by Iran Copper Industries Company.

The petroleum and petrochemical products trading floor did not have a hectic day, though 25,000 tons of polymers were offered by different companies including Polynar, Tabriz, Jam, Rejal, Shazand, Maroon, Jam Polypropylene, and Navid Shimi companies. Jey Oil Company offered 30,600 tons of bitumen with different grades, while Pasargad Oil Company offered 13,500 tons of same product. Traders also had the chance to buy 7,000 tons of bitumen 85100 from Tabriz Refining Oil Company as well as 2,000 tons of bitumen 85100 from Bamgumayegh Urumiyah Company.

The soft commodities trading floor was, as usual, the calmest trading floor on Monday where 500 tons of Ukrainian flint corn, 1,000 tons of durum wheat, and 250 tons of sugar from Bardsir Sugar Company were traded.