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Over 230KT of Goods Supplied at Mercantile Exchange

Over 230KT of Goods Supplied at Mercantile ExchangeOver 230KT of Goods Supplied at Mercantile Exchange

Iran Mercantile Exchange’s export trading board witnessed 500 tons of super bright polyethylene terephthalate and 506 tons of TG641 polyethylene terephthalate supplied by Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemical Company with the base price of $969 and $958 per ton respectively on Wednesday.

Furthermore, 5,000 tons of 6070 bitumen by Tabriz Oil Company, 7,000 tons of granulated sulfur by Shazand Oil Refining Company, 2,000 tons of 85100 bitumen by Hormozgan Bitumen Industry Company, 500 tons of insulations by Bayer Toos Shargh Company and 110,000 tons of granulated iron ore by Sangan Iron Ore Complex were supplied on the same board.

The oil and petrochemical trading board featured 56,300 tons of bitumen, 20,795 tons of chemicals, 14,000 tons of vacuum bottoms, 3,000 tons of sulfur and 280 tons of argon.

The industrial and mining trading board saw 100 tons of 7-6063 billets and 1,440 tons of aluminum alloys supplied by Iran Aluminum Company, 2,725 tons of rebars and 129 tons of A3-14-16 rebars by Isfahan Steel Company and 15 kg of gold bars by Mouteh Gold Mine.

The agricultural trading board witnessed 5,000 tons of durum wheat, 1,500 tons of unprocessed vegetable oil and 20 kg of saffron.

Overall, more than 231,000 tons of goods were supplied in IME’s spot market on Wednesday.