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119,000 Tons of Commodities at IME

119,000 Tons of Commodities at IME
119,000 Tons of Commodities at IME

Various commodities were offered on the mining and industrial trading floor at the Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) on Sunday, IME’s international affairs and public relations reported.

According to the report, given the market demands, 4,000 tons of copper cathodes from National Iranian Cooper Industries Company (NICICO) was likely to be offered with the base price of 212,185 rials on the industrial and mining trading floor. Besides, considering the market’s demand, this company also offered 3,500 copper wire as well as copper slab on the same trading floor.

Furthermore, 30,000 tons of low grades copper, 100 tons of molybdenum sulfur, and 12 tons of precious metals’ concentrate were up for grabs on the same trading floor by the NICICO.

Some 270 tons of copper wire from Copper World Company were available with the base price of 219,677 rials.

Based on the report, 1,760 tons of steel bars and 1,650 tons of A3 steel bars were also on offer by the Esfahan Steel Company on the industrial and mining trading floor.

Close to 500 tons of aluminum billet 6036 was listed by Iran Aluminum Company. Meanwhile, 160 tons of zinc ingot 99.98 grade was offered at the industrial and mining trading floor at the IME.

On the agricultural trading floor, 80 tons of soybean meal, 200 tons of Russian barley, and 500 tons of Ukrainian maize were available for trade. In addition, 75,000 of polymers, bitumen, lube-cat, granulated sulfur, and vacuum bottom were to be traded on the oil and petrochemical trading floor.

Around 1,000 tons of insulation from various suppliers were also listed on the export trading floor.

Totally 119,000 tons of different commodities were listed by retailers on the spot market through the course of the trading day.