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290KT of Commodity at IME

290KT of Commodity at IME290KT of Commodity at IME

Iran Mercantile Exchange recorded the offering of more than 290,000 tons of commodities on Tuesday.

According to IME, 77,000 tons of various grades of bitumen offered by Jey Oil Company, 4,500 tons of bitumen 6070 by other local suppliers as well as 1,200 tons of roof insulation were put up on the export trading board.

The oil and petrochemical board featured 61,350 tons of various grades of bitumen, more than 59,840 tons of polymers and 7,000 tons of vacuum bottoms.

The industrial and mining trading board showed 70,000 tons of steel slab C priced at 12,020 rials per kg and offered by Khuzestan Steel Company. The board also witnessed the offering of 1,000 tons of rebar bundles and 500 tons of scrap iron powder by Azerbaijan Steel Company. Isfahan Steel Company offered 220 tons of I-beams on the same board.

The agricultural trading floor registered the offering of 5,000 tons of wheat, 1,000 tons of soybean flakes, 1,050 tons of unprocessed vegetable oil, 200 tons of imported rice and 100 tons of white sugar.