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Construction Quality Assurance Funds

Construction Quality Assurance Funds
Construction Quality Assurance Funds

Establishing a quality assurance fund for building constructions will be in favor of both housing applicants and construction beneficiaries, according to the head of Tehran Mass Builders Association.

Such funds are not without precedent, “as other countries also run similar programs to insure the quality of building constructions,” Hassan Mohtasham told IRNA.

However, Mohtasham asserted that the mechanism of these funds should not be mistaken for that of quality insurance, which has been quite popular in Iran in recent years.

Quality assurance, in technical sense, is the prevention of quality problems through planned and systematic activities. Simply put, it ensures that quality is “built in” at the front end rather than at the back end of a project.

The idea of establishing quality assurance funds for building construction has been recently proposed by the ministry of roads and urban development.

Officials believe once the administrative process for establishing the fund is fully adopted, the fund would be able to offer valuable services for housing applicants and beneficiaries.

“These funds will assure customers of building quality at the time of buying a house,” said Mohtasham.